Cocktail Class for Non-professionals

—Jen writing about Drinks—

I have had the pleasure of teaching many bartenders, from my own staff to occasional classes with industry professionals looking to up their game. I love watching them improve, building on an already strong foundation with simple techniques that help to produce consistently great cocktails as well as learning how to put together complimentary flavours to create something interesting (and delicious). We start at a level that assumes a certain level of knowledge and go from there. I have had many requests to offer this for home bartenders and enthusiasts and have finally decided to do it, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in February. The Tuesday class will start on the 5th and continue for 3 weeks 2 hour+ classes with a follow-up in March. And the Wednesday classes will start on the 6th and follow the same timeline. Small classes. Lots of hands on. And everything (booze too) is included in the $250 price. Email me: to sign up. Classes will likely go from 5pm to 7pm. If it’s a gift, we can issue certificates this week.

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