The Black Hoof


Opened in early October 2008.

Everything is made: from the charcuterie to the cocktail garnishes. It’s a meat and off-cut centric menu to be sure, but there is always a fish option (sometimes, even a veggie option). There is much attention to detail in the service. The atmosphere is boisterous and casual.

Come eat.

928 Dundas Street West
Toronto ON M6J 1W3

416 551 8854

(before you give us a ring, you should know that we don't take reservations)

Dinner Hours
Thursday to Saturday6:00pm - 1:00am
Sunday & Monday6:00pm - 11:30pm
Tuesday & Wednesday-CLOSED-

* cash and Canadian debit only. No reservations.

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Again, this tasty drink list is fairly accurate, but we can't promise that the drinks listed here will necessarily be available by the time you make it in.

Brown Cocktails

  • Southern Sidecarbourbon, cointreau, tangerine, lemon, peychauds11 (2 oz)
  • Mulled Cideraged rum, puntemes, apple cider, orange, spices11 (2 oz)
  • Manhattan10 yr aged rye, antica formula, sweet vermouth, house bitters16 (3 oz)

White Cocktails

  • Tijuana Tartguajillo infused tequila, fresh cranberry, rosemary, lemon, spices12 (1.5 oz)
  • Tea & Sympathyearl grey infused gin, honey syrup, lemon cream sherry, jasmin bitters12 (2 oz)
  • Negronigin, sweet vermouth, campari14 (3 oz)

Sparkling Cocktails

    Beer Cocktails

      Tomato Cocktails


        • King
        • Beau's Lagered Ale
        • Bellwoods
        • Dunkel Lager

        Brunch Punch

          White Wine By The Glass

          • falerioCiu Ciu, Le Marche, 11Dry as the day is long. Blanched almonds, unripe pineapple and citrus notes with a lazer-sharp acidity that just gets you salivating. Great, great value.9/42
          • riesling (goldberg)Johann Peter Mertes, Mosel, 10Obvs, I LOVE riesling. It's the best. This lovely number dances on your palate with the tips of a thousand pointe shoes, hitting all your flavour receptors. Off-dry, balanced acidity with bright citrus and green apple notes. And for god's sake, if you're having the sweetbreads, have them with this wine. Riesling with everything!11/50
          • vermentino (IGT)Prelius, Maremma, 11Peaches and cream nose, beautiful, firm tropical fruit and the impression of sunshine and optimism. You could be standing in a field of white flowers, or more likely, you're in a restaurant, your nose deep in your wine glass, amazed by the elegance and finesse of a simple, stainless-steel fermented white wine.12/55

          Red Wine By The Glass

          • gamayFielding, Niagara, 11When I first tasted this, very shortly after bottling, I hated it. Turns out I should have been more patient (not one of my strengths). 'Cause now, I love it. Velvet flowers and a bracing acidty that mellows and warms on the palate. Perfect Ontario gamay.10/45
          • corbièresLes Clos Perdus, Languedoc, 10A Hoof favourite, I just keep buying all of it, every time it's released. Very seductive nose of red cherries and blossoms. Full-bodied yet, still light and lifted, bursting with fresh blueberries and warm spices. Just infinitely drinkable.14/65
          • syrah/garnacha (sotorrondero)Jiménez-Landi, Méntrida, 10A great year for central Spain, I fell HARD for this wine. I stupidly bought 10 cases, despite it being a liiiiiitle pricey, but I just couldn't stop myself. One sip of earthy, soft-fruit, spicy warmth and you'll know why. Absolutely worth every penny, and fuck it, we should all live a little. You'll just have to take my word that this is a really, really good deal.16/76

          Drop by.

          The Black Hoof, Rhum Corner, and the Hoof Cocktail Bar are conveniently located in a triad at Grace St. and Dundas St. West

          It's not unusual to start and finish at any combination of these lovely establishments.

          Google Map
          The Black Hoof

          928 Dundas Street West
          Toronto ON M6J 1W3
          416 551 8854

          Rhum Corner

          926 Dundas Street West
          Toronto ON M6J 1W3
          647 346 9356

          Hoof Cocktail Bar

          923 Dundas Street West
          Toronto ON M6J 1W2
          416 792 7511